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EMT Re-certification Countdown to 01 Apr 2022

Recertification Information

1994 Curriculum EMT-B Refresher Course Minimum Requirements
EMT-Basic Recertification Brochure
Recertfication Requirements
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Refresher Training

Continuing Education



           5.  Maintain skills as vertified by Training Program Director, Director of Operations or Physician Medical Director. (Requires signature on recertification application validating competency of skills).

           6.  Submit recertification application processing fee (non-refundable) of $15.00.

Preparatory 1 hour
Airway 2 hours
Patient Assessment 3 hours
Medical/Behavioral 4 hours
Trauma 4 hours
Obstetrics, Infants, and Children 2 hours
Electives 8 hours from EMT Basic Curriculum
TOTAL 24 hours




Initial Testing Information


The Written Examination

Your test will be different from every other candidate’s. NREMT EMT-Basic and Paramedic cognitive exams are computerized adaptive tests. Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) is state-of-the art in high stakes certification testing. It is the most accurate and fair evaluation technology available.

CAT testing is different from most other forms of testing in that each exam adapts to each candidate’s ability level. Depending on how a question is answered, the computer determines the difficulty of the next question. Consequently, each candidate’s testing experience will be unique.

There is no minimum percentage of correct items needed to pass the test. CAT exam scores are based on the characteristics of the questions you get right and wrong—not how many you get right.

Learn more about the NREMT Computer Based Testing

NREMT Candidate Information - Prepare for Success on the NREMT Cognitive Exam

What You Need to Know About the Computer Adaptive NREMT Exam

The Practical Examination

NREMT Skill Sheets 

The practical portion of the examination will be administered by approved EMT Training Programs or approved CE providers. The National Registry Skills Sheets will be used and maintained by the school. A CE record should be completed for each student who successfully passes the skills examination. No CE hours are available for skills testing and the program title should be NREMTB Skills Test.

The practical skills tests consist of the following:

Long Bone Fracture
Spinal Immobilization - Seated
Bleeding Control and Shock Management

Updated: 18 Aug 2017