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Drag & Drop and Other Quizzes
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A Abdominal Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Abdominal Wall - Practical - Written
    Abnormal Psychology
    Acid-Base Tutorial: Test Yourself   
    ACLS Multiple Choice Exam  
    Active Learning Center Home Page  
    Adrenal Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    AFP Clinical Quiz  
    Airway Quiz
    Allergy Quiz  
    American Society of Nuclear Cardiology - Case of the Month  
    An Overview of the Form and Function of Life
    Anatomically Correct
    Anatomical Orientation
    Anatomy & Physiology Tutorials   
    Anatomy and Physiology Quizzes
    Anatomy and Physiology Quizzes 1
    Angina Quiz
    Animal Behavior and Cognition
    The Animated Brain
    Anterior & Medial Thigh - Written - UAMS
    Anterior Triangle of the Neck - Written - UAMS
    ASNC Corporate Partners Case Library  
    Auckland District Health Board - Trauma Scenarios  
    Auricular Anatomy Quiz  
    Autonomics of the Thorax
    Axilla, Arm, & Cubital Fossa - Written - UAMS - UAMS
    Axial Skeleton Lab
B Basic Hematology  
    Basic Neural Processes Tutorials: Human Brain  
    Basic Science Board Review Quizzes
    Bio Fax Quiz 
    Biology Curriculum Support
    Blood and Immunity; Key Terms 
    Blood and Immunity; Word Parts 
    Body Cavities and Body Regions 
    Body Structure - Anatomic Directions - Body Positions
    Breast Imaging - Cases of the Week  
C Carbohydrates Quiz  
    Cardiac Auscultation Simulator
    CardioDoc - Play Doctor!  
    Cardiovascular and lymphatic disorders
    Cardiovascular Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Cardiovascular System Quiz
    Carotid Sheath, Pharynx, & Larynx - Written - UAMS - UAMS
    Care of the Dying Patient - Cases  
    Care of the Dying Patient - Self Test  
    Case Studies in Endocrine Disorders  
    Case Studies in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology  
    Cell Biology Quiz Index
    Cell Structure and Function Exam
    Cells, tissues, and organs/ words and definitions
    Cells, Tissues, and Organs/ Word Definitions
    The Cell - Quizzes  
    Chemical Equations Quiz 
    Chemical Messengers
    Chemistry Quizzes and Tutorials
    Circulation: The cardiovascular and lymphatic systems
    Clinical Anatomy of the Pelvis - Perineum & External Genitalia - Practical - Written - UAMS
    Clinical Case Studies  
    Clinico-Pathological Conference - Case Links  
    CME Case Studies  
    Community Prevention Program
    Congenital Heart Disease - Unknown graphics/cases   
    Cuecard Quiz 
    Cultural Diversity
    Cultural Differences
    Cyberanatomy of shoulder - quiz questions  
D Defense
    Dental Emergencies 
    Dental Health Education Quiz
    Dental Health Education Matching
    Dental Health Education Crossword Puzzle
    Dental Infection Quiz
    Dental Infection Matching Exercise
    Department of Neurology Case of the Month
    Development Self-Quiz 
    Diet and Health
    Diet Plans
    Digestion, Absorption, and Transport Matching
    Digestive System Puzzle
    Digestive System Quiz
    Digestive System Quiz (Java)
    Digital Journal of Ophthalmology: Knowledge review  
    Directional Terms 
    DIY Glycolysis Home Page  
    The Doctors Dilemma: Essentials of Medical Ethics  
    Dosage Calculation Test 1
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Nose and Nasal Cavities  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Conducting Passages  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Pharynx  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Larynx and Trachea  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Bronchi, Bronchial Tree, and Lungs  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Digestive System  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Brain  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Muscles  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Skeleton  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Pituitary and Pineal Glands  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Male Reproduction System  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Lymph Capillaries  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Urinary System  
    Drag/Drop Quiz - Cardiovascular System  
    Drugs: Abbreviations
    Drugs for Diabetes
    Duodenum, Pancreas, Liver, & Biliary System - Practical - Written - UAMS - UAMS
E Ears On! Online & Interactive  
    Ear - Written - UAMS
    ECG of the Month  
    ECG Quizzes Lessons   
    ECG Rounds  
    EDQuiz - Emergency Medicine on the Web  
    Effects of Radiation Quiz
    Electrical Therapy Quiz
    Emerging Antibiotic Resistance - MCQ  
    EMS Quiz 1
    EMS Quiz 2
    EMS Educational Quizzes (48)
    Energy Balance Crossword Puzzle
    ESRD Quiz
    Epithelium Quiz
    Epidemiology Crossword
    Examinations in Pathology  
    Extraoral Radiography Quiz
    Extraoral Radiography Matching
F Fascia and Spaces
    Fat Soluble Quiz
    Faulty Radiographs
    Film Processing Quiz
    Foot - Written - UAMS
    Forearm & Wrist - Written - UAMS - UAMS
G Gastrointestinal Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Gas Exchange
    Gastrointestinal Imaging - Cases of the Week
    General Virology Exam Archive  
    Genitourinary Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Geriatric Assessment - Self Test  
    Geriatric Oral Health
    Glandular Tissue Quiz
    Glandular Tissue Matching
    Gross Anatomy Crossword Puzzles
H Haemodynamic Waveforms - Exercises  
    Hand - Written - UAMS
    Have-a-Java Quiz 
    Head and Neck Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Heart- Practical- Written- UAMS
    HeartScape's Heart Structures
    Hepatobilliary Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Hip & Posterior Thigh, Sacral Plexus - Written - UAMS - UAMS
    Histo Quiz-O-Rama!  
    Histology Tutorial  
    Histology Tutorial - Quiz Mode  
    How are Burns Classified?
    Human Anatomy Online  
    Human Biology 133 - Primary Tissue Self-Test  
    Human Embryology  
    Human Form and Function
    Human Reproduction Cases  
I Imaging Evaluation of the Cervical Spine - The Final Quiz  
    Images in Clinical Medicine Quiz
    Individual Differences 
    Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
    Infection Control Story
    Infectious Diseases - Crossword Puzzle
    Infra temporal Fossa - Written - UAMS
    Infra hyoid Muscles Quiz
    Inguinal Region - Practical - Written - UAMS
    Interactive Antique Illness  
    Interactive Atlases  
    Interactive Dermatology Cases  
    Interactive Joints
    Interactive Respiratory Physiology - Quiz  
    Interactive Testing in Psychiatry  
    Interactive Trauma  
    Internal Transport
    The International Thoracic Teaching Resource - Adult Chest Teaching File
    Internet Atlas of Histology - Laboratory Quizzes  
    Internet Self-Assessment in Pharmacology  
    Integumentary System
    Intraoral Radiographic Procedures
    Intro to Dental Health
    Intro to Muscles
    Intro to Radiography
    Introduction to Autonomics
    Introductory  - Basics of A&P Exam
    Introduction to Medical Imaging - Written - UAMS
    Introduction to the Nervous System - Crossword  
    Introduction to the Nervous System: Review questions  
    Introductory Psychology - Multiple Choice Quiz Questions  
    Involuntary Weight Loss in the Elderly - Self Test  
    IV Skills Lab  
J Joints of the Upper Limb - Written - UAMS
K Kidney
    Kidneys & Retroperitoneum Practical - Written - UAMS - UAMS
    Kuby Immunology  
L Learning Psychology - Engelmann Module  
    Learning Psychology - Precision Teaching Module  
    Learning Psychology - Sample Quiz  
    Learning Well EKG Reviews 
    Leg - Written - UAMS
    Leicester University Online MCQs  
    Leicester University Online Tutorials  
    Lipids Quiz
    Liver Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Lumbar Plexus & Introduction to the Pelvis - Practical - Written - UAMS - UAMS
    Lungs & Superior Mediastinum - Practical - Written - UAMS
    LVN Quiz
    Lymphatics Quiz
    Lymphatics Ordering Exercise
M Maintaining the Internal Environment
    Malaria: Test & Teach  
    Malignant Hyperthermia Tutorial - Test Your Knowledge  
    Match Body Regions I
    Match Body Regions II
    Match Body Regions III
    Match Body Regions IV
    Match Body Regions V
    Math Refresher
    Medical Human Anatomy  
    Medical Terminology Prefixes
    Medical Terminology 
    Medical Terminology Quiz 1 - Prefixes
    Medical Terminology Quiz 2 - Suffixes
    Medical Terminology Quiz 3 - Positional Terms
    Medical Terminology Quiz 4 - Root Terms
    Medical Terminology Quiz 5 - Abbreviations
    Menopause Quiz  
    Metabolism Quiz
    MI/Stroke Quiz
    Middle Ear Anatomy Quiz  
    Molecular Biology Quiz  
    Molecular Biology Quiz  
    Motivation and Emotion 
    Mucous Membranes
    Mucous Membranes Matching
    Multiple Choice Questions - Brain Cuttings
    Multiple Choice Questions - Sections Stained for Myelin
    Muscles of Facial Expression Quiz
    Muscle, Epithelia, Hematology, and Autonomics Quiz
    Muscles of Mastication Quiz
    Muscles of the Pharynx and Palate
    Muscles of the Tongue Quiz
    Muscular Terminology - Crossword  
    Musculoskeletal System-Combining forms
    Musculoskeletal Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Musculoskeletal Online  
N N205 Resource Page  
    Nervous System Overview
    Nervous System Quiz
    Nervous System Crossword Puzzle
    Nervous and Sensory Systems
    Neuradiology Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Neural Structure Quiz  
    Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology - Quizzes/Exams  
    Neurology Quiz Series 1 (100 questions with answers)
    Nerurology Quiz Series 2 (100 questions with answers)
    Neurology Quiz Series 3 (100 questions with answers)
    The Neuronal Impulse - Psychology as a Natural Science  
    Normal Radiologic Anatomy - Quiz Index  
    Nuclear Cardiology Case of the Month  
    Nuclear Medicine Quiz  
    Nuclear Medicine Teaching File  
    Nursing Matters  
    Nutrition Overview Quiz
    Nutrition Practice Quiz 1  
    Nutrition Practice Quiz 2  
O Occlusal Radiography
    Online Dermatology Quiz  
    Orbit & Eye - Written - UAMS
    Overview of Delivery System
P Pediatric Emergencies Case Descriptions  
    Personality Theories 
    Pain in Pieces - Module One - Self Test  
    Pain in Pieces - Module Two - Self Test  
    Palatal and Pharyngeal Muscles Puzzle
    Parotid Gland & Face - Written - UAMS
    Patient Education in Radiography
    Pathway Quizzes in Neuroanatomy  
    Paying for Dental Care
    Peace Quiz 
    Pectoral Region & Breast- Practical- Written- UAMS
    Pediatric Radiology  
    Pediatric Radiology - Cases of the Week  
    Pelvic Viscera - Practical - Written - UAMS
    Pelvic Wall & Floor Practical - Written - UAMS - UAMS
    Pendleton Eye Clinic - Eye Quiz  
    Percentage of Body Burns
    Periapical Exposure
    Peritoneal Cavity, Mesenteries, & Intestines - Practical - Written
    Periodontal Ligament Development
    Pharmacology Basics
    Pharmacologic Therapy Quiz
    Phases of Implementation
    The Physician and Sportsmedicine CME Quizzes  
    Planning Community Programs
    Planning Dental Care for Community Matching
    Prevention for Children
    Probability and Statistics Refresher
    Program Implementation Matching
    Program Evaluation Quiz
    Protein Prose
    Posterior Mediastinum - Practical - Written - UAMS - UAMS
    Posterior Triangle of the Neck - Written - UAMS
    Pregnancy and Lactation
    Preliminary Interpretation Narrative
    Programmed Problem Sets in Pharmacology  
    Psychology and Science Quiz 
    PubMed Exercises  
    PubMed online training  
    Pulmonary Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Pulp Matching
    Pulse Oximetry Quiz
Q Quality Assurance in Dental Radiography
    QuizStar 2000
R Radiology of the Brain & Cranial Nerves - Scalp, Cranial Cavity & Brain - Written - UAMS
    Radiation Matching
    Radiation Physics Quia
    Radiation Safety Quiz
    Radiography for Children
    Regulations and Legal Aspects of Radiography
    REHAB time - Therapy Quiz Challenge  
    Release of Energy Steps
    Removal of Foreign Objects from Root Canals  
    Respiration/ Key Terms
    Respiratory Imaging - Cases of the Week  
    Responding to Emergencies Quizzes
S Self-test on Basic Anatomy of the Eye  
    Sex, Friendship, and Love 
    Shoulder & Superficial Upper Limb - Written - UAMS
    Size and Capacity
    Skeletal Terminology - Crossword  
    Skeletal System Quiz
    Social Psychology 
    Soft Tissue Anatomy Review Puzzle
    Sophomore Pathology Practice Exams  
    Special Needs Patients in Radiography
    Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerve
    SportsDoc - Play Doctor!  
    States of Consciousness 
    Stomach & Spleen - Practical - Written - UAMS
    Studying Cells Tutorial - Test Yourself  
    Submandibular Region; Nasal & Oral Cavities - Written - UAMS
    Substance Abuse Quizzes
    Suffixes and Plural endings 
    Suicide Related Terminology
    Superficial Back - Practical Quiz - Written Quiz - UAMS - UAMS Quizzes
    Superficial Structures of the Lower Limb - Written
    Support and Shape
    Supra hyoid Muscles Puzzle
T Test Your Organ/Tissue Donation & Transplantation IQ
    The RACDS Self Assessment Programs   
    The Cardiovascular System Exam
    The Dental Workforce
    The Lymphatic and Immune Systems Exam
    The Endocrine System Exam
    The Human Circulatory System
    The Vertebrate Immune System
    The Nervous System
    The Human Endocrine System
    The Human Nervous System 
    The Senses and Perception 
    The Medical Record
    Thoracic Wall, Pleura, & Pericardium- Practical- Written- UAMS
    Timed Practice Quiz 
    Trace Minerals
    Trace Minerals Matching
    True-False Quiz 
    Tumor Formation
U UW Radiology Main Online Teaching File  
    UW Radiology Teaching File Quick Cases  
V Vascular and Interventional Radiology - Cases of the Week  
    Venous Pressure Waveforms - Exercises  
    Venous Drainage Exercise
W Water Soluble Vitamins Quiz
    Water and Major Minerals
    Weight Control Story
    Words and Word parts pertaining to Body Structure
X X- Check Quiz 
    X-Ray Machine Identification
    X-Ray Machine Quiz
    X-Ray Films Quiz
Z ZeroBio Quizzes
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