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Reader is necessary to utilize the handbooks listed below:
 Handbook - Trauma Treatment and Management  Handbook - Core Skills

 Handbook - Evacuation

 Handbook - Force Health Protection  Handbook - Invasive Procedures

 Handbook - Nuclear Biological and Chemical

 Handbook - Clinical Supportive Care I

 Handbook - Clinical Supportive Care II

 Handbook - Clinical Supportive Care III

 Handbook - Clinical Supportive Care IVTable of Contents - Student Training Support Documents

Administer Intra-muscular, Subcutaneous and Intra-dermal Injections Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy Assemble a Needle and Syringe and Draw Medication
Assist in Vaginal Delivery Introduction to Ballistic, Blast and Burn Injuries Basic Math
Basic Nursing Assessment

Burn Injuries

Cardiac Monitoring

Cardiopulmonary Symptoms

Casualty Assessment

Chest Injuries

Chest Tube Care and Monitoring

Cold Injuries

Control Bleeding

Establishment and Operation of a Casualty Decontamination Station

Decontaminate a Casualty

Obtain and Label Blood Specimens

Treat Metabolic-Endocrine Symptoms

Evacuation Platforms

Evacuation Request Procedures

Field Medical Card

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Geneva Conventions

Genitourinary Symptoms

Head Injuries

Heat Injuries

Immunization and Chemoprophylaxis

Identifying, Triaging and Treatment Operational Stress Disorders

Infection, Asepsis, and Sterile Techniques

Treat infectious Disease and Immunologic Symptoms

Initiate and Manage an Intravenous Infusion

Introduction to Medical Evacuation System

Introduction to Medical Threat

Invasive Procedures Safety

Litter Evacuation

Manual Evacuation

Medical Screening

Medication Administration

Musculoskeletal Injuries

NBC Equipment Overview

Nerve Agents

Neurological Symptoms

Nuclear Exposed Casualty

Nursing Documentation

Ocular Injuries

Overview of Arthropods

Overview of Biological Warfare

Pain Assessment and Management

Perform Casualty Triage

Perform Patient Care

Perform Respiratory Care

Pharmacology for the Soldier Medic

Post Mortem Care

Prevention and Control of Infection

Respiratory Care

Seizing Casualty

Specimen Collection

Spinal Injuries

Management of Operational Stress Disorder/Physical Restraints

Stress Management

Treat a Casualty with an Abdominal Injury

Treat for Shock

Vesicants and Cyanide Agents

Waste Disposal in the Field

Wound Care

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