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 Exercises, Lessons and Training Aids

Labeling Exercises

Cell Structure


Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis


Fueling Body Activities: Digestion



Cell Structure

The Nervous System

The Sensory Systems

The Endocrine System

The Immune System

Maintaining Homeostasis

Sex and Reproduction

Vertebrate Development

The Integumentary System

The Skeletal System

An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Cell Structure and Function

The Tissue Level of Organization

The Muscular System

Neural Tissue and the Central Nervous System

The Peripheral Nervous System and Integrated Neural Functions

Sensory Function

The Endocrine System


The Heart

Blood Vessels and Circulation

The Lymphatic System and Immunity

The Respiratory System

The Digestive System

The Urinary System

The Reproductive System

Development and Inheritence


Bone Tissue

Human Anatomy Matching Exercises

The Muscular System

Muscular Tissue

The Central Nervous System

The Peripheral Nervous System and Reflexes

Nervous Tissue

Sense Organs

Matching Exercises

Human Anatomy Matching Exercises

Medical English Exercises

The Science of Psychology Matching Exercise

Exercises on LAPT-lite

Field Hospital Vocabulary Matching Exercise

Field Hospital Word Order Exercise

Heart Anatomy Self Test: Posterior View

Matching Quiz




The Heart and Circulation

Infectious Diseases and Their Treatment

Breathing and Asthma


Human Immune System

Drugs of Abuse

More Than Skin Deep

The Kidneys and Body Balance

Hormones: The Chemical Messengers

Anatomy Review

Human Anatomy

Training Aids

Periodic Table

Textbook Connection

Vocabulary Links

Medicine Interactive

Health and Social Care

Introduction to Health Occupations


Companion Website Gallery

Anatomy and Physiology Links

Anatomy & Physiology II WWW Sites

Human Anatomy Pictures

Oral Pathology

Dental Hygiene Education

Basic Periodontology

Glossary of Dental Terms