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Links for the MOS 68Y Eye Specialist and MOS 68H Optical Laboratory Specialist

68Y - Eye Specialist




L-27. Optometry Officer (67F00 MS)

The optometry officers (67F MS) in the optometry section of the DSMC, MSMC and the medical company of the HSB are a primary health care provider in Echelons II and above MTFs. These certified practicing optometrists, independently conduct examination to detect, prevent, diagnose, and manage ocular related disorders; that is, injuries, diseases, and visual dysfunctions. Uses diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical agents (TPA) medical/surgical instruments. Prescribes spectacle and medical related contact senses, TPA and other therapy. Their duties include consultation in such areas as occupational vision and the diagnosis and treatment of battlefield laser-induced injuries. The senior optometry officer/chief of section provides technical supervision of assigned clinical personnel and insures the efficacy of their technical capability.

L-28. Eye Specialist (68Y)

The eye specialist (68Y) and the eye sergeant (68Y20) perform routine diagnostic tests and assist in the care of ophthalmology or optometry patients. As optometry specialist these duties are conducted under the auspices of an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

L-29. Core Competencies of the 68Y

The eye specialist (68Y) of medical companies must be trained in several areas of core competencies.

These core competencies are examples of specific skills that establishes the scope and depth of tactics, techniques, and procedures that are outlined in Tables L-14 below.

Table L-14. Core Competency for Eye Specialists

Core competency in eye specialty techniques and procedures for the 68Y is inclusive of the following:

• Patient Screening• History Taking




L-30. Training for the 68Y

Table L-15 below contains the critical tasks to be used by the optometry chief of section in the development of training program for assigned 68Y personnel.

Table L-15. 68Y10/20 Critical Task List

Field-Specific Tasks

• Assemble a field combat optometry set

• Disassemble a field optometry set

Administrative Tasks

• Maintain an eye clinic hand receipt account

• Maintain the eye clinic forms supply

• Maintain the eye clinic publications library

• Order eye clinic equipment

• Order eye clinic supplies

• Schedule eye clinic appointments

• Monitor eye clinic schedules

• Prepare eye clinic composite health care system reports

• Prepare eye clinic spectacle request transmission system reports

Prescription Eyewear Tasks

• Order prescription eyewear

• Maintain prescription eyewear order files

• Dispense prescription eyewear

• Receive prescription eyewear

• Inspect completed prescription eyewear

• Perform repairs and adjustments on prescription eyewear

Clinical Tasks

• Conduct an eye clinic pre-examination patient screening

• Conduct an optometric physical screening

• Conduct an optometric screening for a DOD medical evaluation review board candidate

• Conduct an optometric physical screening for aviation candidate

• Administer doctor-ordered treatment for ocular injuries

• Administer doctor-ordered treatment for ocular burns

• Administer doctor-ordered treatment for ocular diseases

• Initiate emergency treatment for a chemical burn of the eye

• Remove non-embedded foreign bodies from the conjunctiva or cornea

• Conduct visual field test

• Perform ocular A/B scan

• Perform ocular photography

• Conduct a fluorescein angiography

• Administer a tear flow test

• Triage eye emergencies

• Perform operator maintenance on ophthalmic equipment

• Calibrate the eye chart

• Dispense contact lens

Surgical Tasks

• Conduct an ocular surgery preoperative screening

• Prepare for a major ocular surgical procedure

• Prepare for a minor ophthalmic surgical procedure

• Prepare for ocular laser treatment

• Assist the doctor during ocular surgery

• Conduct an ocular surgery postoperative cleanup

• Conduct an ocular surgery postoperative screening

• Receive ophthalmic surgical sets from central material service

L-31. Optical Laboratory Specialist (68H10)

The optical laboratory specialist assembles spectacles utilizing pre-surfaced single-vision lens; surfaces multi-vision lens and assembles multi-vision spectacles; repairs and fabricates spectacles; and maintains tools and equipment.

Soldier's Manual, Skill Levels 1/2/3/4 and Trainer's Guide, MOS 68H, Optical Laboratory Specialist

311- 68H10 Optical Laboratory Specialist

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68H10 Optical Laboratory Specialist Resources

311- 68H10 Optical Laboratory Specialist

Soldier's Manual and Trainer's Guide 68H Optical Laboratory Specialist