Training Tips 

This month's Training Tip offers recommendations on preparing for the "first" block of institutional Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Professional Development, the Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC) trains prospective and newly appointed sergeants of the Active and Reserve Components in basic leadership skills and in noncommissioned officer duties and responsibilities. 


Medical NCOs and soldiers must be informed of all current policies and events to sustain the mission. The MEDCOM CSM VTC is a means to rapidly distribute mass amounts of information from the MEDCOM Commander and CSM. The meeting ensures the AMEDD Senior enlisted work, communicate and share knowledge on a regular basic. This VTC is held on the last Tuesday of the month from 1000 -1200 CST.  Request that each MCS bring five junior NCOs to observe the VTC. Additional information concerning these VTC will be furnished by e-mail. 

Training Information


Looking for reference materials, study guides, or on-line quizzes. Check out this site. There are hundreds of links to informative medical training sites incorporated into the site. If you have suggestions or recommendation please contact the webmaster. 

91 W (Health Care Specialist) Web Page

Looking for up-to-date information on the 91W. Have questions you would like answered then check out this site.

Access to Audiovisual Interactive Medical Multimedia (CDs) 

The Naval School of Health Sciences has several CDs available that provide excellent sustainment training. You can acquire copies through the Internet at AIMM. These are the titles of CDs available currently. Additional CDs are being developed. These CDs are developed for Tri-Service use.

Recognition and Management of Cardiovascular Conditions 

Dental Emergencies 

Recognition and Management of Abdominal Conditions 

Recognition and Management of Common Dermatological Conditions 

Recognition and Management of Acute Respiratory Conditions 

HIV/AIDs Total Force Training for Health Care Personnel 

Psychiatry Technicians: Crisis Intervention Management of Chemical Warfare Injuries

 Emergency Medical Conditions for Hospital Corpsmen 

Advanced Combat Trauma Life Support 

Clinical Applications of Laboratory Procedures 

Physician Assistant Course Information 

For those of you interested in the Physician Assistant Course, go to