Training Tips 

This month's Training Tip offers recommendations on preparing for the "first" block of Institutional Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Professional Development. The Basic Leader Course (BLC) is a month-long course that trains specialists, corporals, and sergeants in the fundamentals of leadership. The course curriculum includes instruction in leadership skills, training skills, and war-fighting skills.


Training Information


Looking for reference materials, study guides, or on-line quizzes. Check out this site. There are hundreds of links to informative medical training sites incorporated into the site. If you have suggestions or recommendation please contact the webmaster. 

68W (Health Care Specialist) METC Web Site

Looking for up-to-date information on the 68W. Have questions you would like answered then check out this site.

Army Learning Management System 

The following is a list of courses available for registration on the Army Learning Management System. Due to new courses constantly being added, there may be some courses available on the system that are not listed. The list is separated into different categories described in the Table of Contents.

Physician Assistant Course Information 

For those of you interested in the Physician Assistant Course, go to