On-line Training - Individual Training Support Directorate (ITSD)

This page provides a list of web sites where U.S. Army personnel (military and civilian) can access free or low-cost web-based courses and other on-line training products.

U. S. Army Sites

Army Correspondence Courses

  • There are 40 courses on-line; more are added regularly. All correspondence courses will eventually be on-line only.

  • Requirements. You can use courses without enrolling, but to get Army credit for course you must enroll. Procedures are explained on Welcome Page for each course.

 U.S. Army Transportation School

  • The Transportation School offers six Web-based courses.  Three additional courses are under development.
  • Requirements.  Must register to take courses. Workstation and browser requirements are listed.

U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command

  • This site contains information about CD and hybrid (part CD and part web) products. Specific hybrid products include Shop Operations -- CD-21; Property Accountability -- CD 101-48; Organizational Maintenance for Weapons -- CD 101-23.
  • Requirements.  For hybrid CD-web products, user must have copy of CD in order to activate link.
  • This site includes information about training initiatives within the CASCOM community and links to other distance learning sites. 

U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School

  • This site contains valuable information on the Ordnance Corps and its officer training program.
  • Requirements. None.

U.S. Army CBT Web Central

  • Site provides access to over 1000 self-paced information technology (IT) courses on topics such as Computer Programming, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Web Browsers, etc.
  • Requirements. You must initially register to use courses from this site and have an e-mail address with a ".mil" domain at end of address. You must also download special plug-in software to use courses.

 Army Safety Program

  • Several hundred products available, including: On-line lessons, materials, briefings, articles, publications, etc.
  • Requirements. Vary for lessons/products. To access on-line training, click on any topic under "Training Divisions" then scroll to "On-line Training Modules."

Civilian Personnel On-line

  • Several organizations listed provide Web-based courses. For example, click on "Courseware" to access ACCHRM courses on personnel administration.
  • Requirements. Vary for courses/products.

Army National Guard Professional Education Center (PEC) Distance Learning Campus

  • Site provides access to 4 prototype Army NG courses: Survivor Benefit Plan; Command Supply Discipline Program; Unit Attrition Management; and Army Performance Improvement Criteria.
  • Requirements.   Must enroll & establish student ID no. & password.
    Must download Plug-in software (Realplayer, Asymetrix Neuron, and/or Authorware Web Player).

 Army National Guard Military Interactive Multimedia Instruction Center (MIMIC)

  • Site provides access to 5 prototype multimedia lessons/modules for following Army courses/MOSs (Preventive Maintenance Lesson from 1st SGT Crs, 88M10, 88M30, 88H10, 57E10).
  • Requirements. As outlined in left column, you must obtain password from MIMIC to access lessons.(Click on "To request access to password protected areas" on left side of site page and follow instructions. Form will pop up to send email to MIMIC to request access.)

Army National Guard Distributed Learning

  • This page provides links to other sites with Internet/Web and computer based training courses/products such as CD-ROMs.
  • Requirements. Vary for courses/products.

National Guard Association of Maryland

  • Site provides access to 2 versions of an Armored Vehicle Recognition Course.
  • Requirements. None.

Army Air Defense Artillery School


South Central Civilian Personnel Operations Center
Human Resources Development Division (HRDD)

  • Site provides access to DL broadcast links for professional development courses.
  • No cost to Army Appropriated Fund Employess.  A fee may apply to others.


Army Materiel Command - Army Electronic Product Support


  • Site provides a publicly accessible front page and a site through which Army civilian and military personnel can submit a request for password. Contains many useful links. The Web University links will give you information for web use, web administrator tools, logistics and a library of publications. Also provides a section of downloads that are nicely identified.

  • No special requirements.

Army Logistics Management College

  • Provides a lot of good information on courses offered on site, by CD, Web and correspondence. To access web-based courses click on "Academics" button on left then "Web and CD Courses."

  • No special requirements.


U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School Digital Training Access Center

  • Must register to access some of the materials. Contains an automated library, training publications and computerized training lessons. Site also allows user to take a "virtual tour" of the DTAC and Classroom XXI.

  • No special requirements.


Army Computer Science School

  • This site for the U.S. Army Computer Science School offers two online tutorials on hardware and local area networks. On the left hand screen, click on "Download Files" to access the tutorials. The site also gives information on functional courses you can access through ATTRS. 
  • Requirements. Anyone can take the tutorials, but you must be enrolled in a course for the other offerings.




Government Sites


Joint Computer Based Instruction System (JCBIS)

  • Site includes hundreds of on-line courses in basic skills (reading, math, language, etc.); college subjects; and technical subjects. Click on "Academic", "Medical", "Skill", or "Technical Courseware" to see list of courses.
  • Requirements. You must enroll in courses at an Army Education Center, but once enrolled, you can complete courses on any computer with Internet access. Must also download & install software.

Envirolink - The Online Environmental Community

  • This online environmental community provides lists of government and educational resources by topic with links to agencies and information. Their library claims to be the most comprehensive resource of environmental information on the Internet.
  • No special requirements.


DOD Sites


DITIS/DAVIS (Defense Automated Visual Info System/Defense Instructional Technology Info System)

  • Site tracks DOD audiovisual products such as photos and videotapes and instructional products such as CD-ROMs. As of 9-14-99, military services have submitted few Web-based products to site, but use of site will likely expand in future.
  • Requirements. None.


Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

  • Site provides access to dozens of DAU courses. As of 9-23-99 four courses are Web-based (Systems and Software AcquisitionMgmt Courses, Info Sys Acquisition, Acquisition Procedures). Enter "Virtual Campus" then follow instructions to "obtain a student account".
  • Requirements. You must establish user name and password. Must download special software.


Chief of Naval Education and Training

  • This site is a developmental test bed to demonstrate key distance learning technologies such as computer managed instruction capability, user registration and access control. A resource IMI guide is included that is open to all and offers much good information. The site includes links to download plug-ins if needed.
  • Requirements. You must establish user name and password. (Note: Enter your email address in the email ID section.)



  • This site is a GSA-sponsored site where government employees can take 300 online courses in general areas, as well as Government-specific areas. 
  • Requirements. You must submit a form to register as a new user. You can then enter and start new courses or continue working on courses you have already registered for.




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