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This page contains links to web sites and pages potentially useful to military personnel.  Links and subjects are selected in response to questions and requests from military personnel.   If you want additional topics or more sources, notify the Webmaster

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Commercial News

United Press International
Associated Press On-Line
US News On-Line

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Weather Services

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Weather Info Net
USA Weather
Accu Weather 5 day Forecasts
Weather Channel On-line
Weather Maps - Everywhere
Satellite Weather Images
Geostationary Satellite Imagery
National Hurricane Center
Weather Information Superhighway

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Mapping Sources

International Maps
Rand McNally Maps & Directions
HUD Environmental Maps
Maps & Directions
How Far Is It?
Topographic Maps  On - Line (1:25 - 1:200 Printable)
Topographic Maps - USGS (Not Printable)
Many On-Line Maplinks - Including Interstate Highways
Satellite Images of Almost Everywhere
Your Address Via Satellite
Driving Directions
US Place Names - Gazetteer
Address Maps
US Addresses Locator and Mapping
Maps on Us

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Consumer Information

State, County, City Government Services - Almost Everywhere
US State & Local Government Gateway
Searchable Public Records - All States
Home Advisor - Buying / Selling
Consumer Reports On-Line
Federal Government Consumer Resources
Consumer Products Safety Commission
Public Interest Research Group
U.S. Consumer Gateway
Safety Recalls - NHTSA
Automobile Recalls
Automobile Repairs
Safety Alerts for Foods and Products
USDA Food & Inspection Service Recalls
Child Product Recalls
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Call For Action - Consumer Protection Organization
Better Business Bureau On-Line
Home Energy Use Checkup
How Stuff Works
How to Do Almost Everything
Self Home Repair Tips

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Medical - Medicine

QUIT Smoking Help
DoD Anthrax Immunization Web Site
FDA MedWatch Medicine and Drug Safety Info
CBS Health Watch
Sun Protection - Defense Information
Government Health Finder Web Site
National Women's Health Information Center
Navy Medical Center Portsmouth - Searchable Info
US News Health Reports
Your Surgery Explained
Migraine Headaches
National Cancer Institute
Cancer On-Line Resources
National Cancer Survivor Coalition
Oncolink - U. Pennsylvania
Internet Health Sources
National Institute of Health Information
Virtual Hospital - Patient Information
Virtual Children's Hospital
US Navy Virtual Hospital
Health & Human Services
Health Science Guide
Anatomy & Histology
Cliniweb International
National Library of Medicine
New England Journal of Medicine
American Medical Association
Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Home Page
TRICARE Homepage
Tri-Care Handbook
Tri-Care Retiree Dental Plan

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Military Miscellaneous

Silent Professionals: Private Security Job Market
Army Administrative Electronic Publications
Montgomery GI Bill Information
Vet Jobs
Veteran Employment
VA Veterans Handbook
Logistics (75,000 Links)
Army Unit Insignia, Patches and Crests
Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)
Army Portal - Knowledge On-Line
Navy Office of Training Technology
DoD POW / MIA Office
Warrant Officer Candidate Center
Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC)
U.S. Army Military Academy
Enlisted Promotion Boards
Military Education
United States Flag Etiquette
US Flag Rules and Regulations
Per Diem Rates
Over Seas Per Diem Rates
DoD and Government Internet Resources
E-History (Including Official Civil War Archives - Searchable)
National Park Svc Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System  (Military History Source)
Valley Forge - Searchable Database (Military History Source)
US Civil War History Center - LSU  (Military History Source)
National D-Day Museum (Military History Source)
U.S.Navy History Center (Military History Source)
Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum (Military History Source)
The History Net (Military History Source)
The History Channel (Military History Source)

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Nice to Know

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Resume Writing On-Line
American Association of Retired People (AARP)
Senior Services - First Gov Site
More Senior Issues
Elder Net
Issues For Seniors
World Quote
Management First
Miscellaneous Home Maintenance & Repair
Better Homes and Gardens
National Gardening Web
Virtual Library Gardening Links
Women's Institute for Financial Education
Farmers Almanac
Recreation on Federally Owned Sites
Time & Calendar Dates
World Flags Identification Program
World and US State Flags
World-Wide Time
Atomic Clock - Naval Observatory
Time Zone Converter
Acronym List - Translator
The History Place
Free Legal Information Sources
More Free Legal Information Sources
Scholarship & College Information
Scholarship Finder
College Campus Tours - Scholarships
Science Fair Projects
Books and Study Guides on line
Study Web
School Homework Center
HighSchool Hub

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Travel Related

CIA World Fact Book
Texas DOT - Road Information
National Geographic On Line
Weights & Measures Converter
Money Conversion Rates
International Monetary Rates
Automatic Money Rate Converter
Virtual Relocation Information
New Destination Information
Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service (SITES)
Airline Toll Free Telephone Numbers
Real-time Flight Tracking
FAA Airport Status - Current Delays & Conditions

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Web Information

Free Personal Credit History Reports
Where to get Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates
Internet Fraud Watch
Free On-Line Language Translations
Another  Free On-Line Translation Service
Web Page Translation
Free Internet Foreign Language Translation Services 
Language Translation Dictionaries
One Look Dictionaries (647) linked dictionaries)
250 On Line Translating Dictionaries
American Heritage Dictionary On Line
The Exploding Dictionary
Virtual Library of Languages
WWWebster   On-line Dictionary
Net Lingo Web Term Dictionary
Web Term Encyclopedia
Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia
On Line Dictionaries
Software Tutorials
Net Glossary
On-line Encyclopedia
On-Line Thesaurus
Internet Public Library Lookups
World-Wide Web Search Services
Internet Subject Searches
Research It
Virtual Library
Virtual Reference Sites
Penn Library
Military World-Wide Web Policies

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Defense Links

General/Flag Officer Worldwide Roster
Army General Officer Biographies
Army General Officer Management Office
The Pentagon Library
The Work Number for Everyone - Army Sanctioned Site
DoD Resource Locator (Formerly GILS)
DoD News Releases
DoD Forms
DoD Directorate for Information Operations
DoD Deployment Link
DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
DoD WWW Site for Military Teens
2004 DRAFT Civilian GS Pay Tables
DoD Employee/Member Self Service System
US Army Area 1 Support Activity
Acronym Finder
DoD Acronyms
Search All of DoD
Defense Link
Army Electronic Business
Army Institute of Heraldry
Information Assurance Support Environment
Joint Electronic Library
U.S. Army Publishing Agency
Army Homepage
Perscom On-line
Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center (EREC)
FORSCOM Homepage
TRADOC Homepage
US Army Europe
Army Materiel Command Homepage
USARC Homepage
U.S. Coast Guard
DLA Representatives by State
National Guard Bureau Homepage

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Federal Government Links

Internet Topics
Miscellaneous Federal and Military Websites
FirstGov.Gov (Comprehensive Information Site)
U.S. Office of Government Ethics
Thrift Savings Plan
Retirement Information for Federal Employees
Social Security Retirement Planning Information
Internal Revenue Service Tax Information & Forms
U.S. State Department
Office of Management & Budget
Treasury - Bureau of Public Debt
Civilian Personnel On-Line
Library of Congress
White House
White House Electronic Publications
U.S. Congress
Senate Web Page
House Web Page
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Smithsonian Museum - Institution
Smithsonian Museum On-Line Magazine 
Thomas Legislative Information
Federal Web Site Locator
National Institute of Standards and Technology
U.S. Geological Survey
Federal Recreation Sites

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