Selected Internet Resources

Dictionary and Glossary Links Large listing of medical dictionaries and glossaries
Companion Websites Websites which related directly to specific EMT related textbooks
Medical Health Links Disease information, diagnostic aids, clinical practice guidelines, etc.
Distance Learning Information on Distance Learning initiatives and active programs
Medical Reference Book Listing Information on articles, books and other medically related  materials
EMS References Information on emergency medical technician online materials
Trauma Links Online journals , news, and lesson plans on trauma related subjects
Tutorials and Simulators Sites that provide interactive medically related tutorials and simulators
Government Resources State, federal and international health-related agencies and organizations
Anatomy and Physiology Links Interactive, graphic and instructional links for anatomy and physiology
Library Links Medical, Academic, Public and Government Libraries; reference resources
Education Resources For the medical & allied health care student, instructor, & practitioner
Online Research Sites which provide information on conducting online research
NBC Information Links Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Links
Pharmaceutical Resources Drug info, manufacturers, clinical trials, etc.
Professional Associations For the medical and allied health care professional
Quizzes EFMB, BTLS, ACLS, EMT, CPR related quizzes
Military and Medical Links EMT, EMS, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Physician related material
CBRNE Links to sites that will help in maintaining and developing your medical skills in dealing with chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear, and (high) explosives type injuries
Medical Terminology Quizzes Flashcards, Word Searches, and other games to make learning medical terminology easier
Sustaining Skills Links to sites that will help in maintaining and developing your medical skills
References Health-related and other medical-related sites
Electronic Media ebooks, ejournals, estudyguides, eeditorials, edrugs, interactive tutorials
Leadership references, NCODP lesson plans, studyguides, readings and other material related to the development of NCO Leaders.
Webcasts listing of live broadcasts on medical related subjects presented through VTT, VTC and on the Internet
Electronic Library Links listing of on line libraries
Electronic Correspondence Courses listing of available online correspondence courses
Electronic Forms Listing of online forms,  skills sheets for practical and oral skills validation
Animated Flashcards and Resources Listing of web links, to sites with free medically related animated flashcards
Drag and Drop Quizzes Listing of a different type of quiz along with many more standard quizzes
Quiz Lab Password protected site with quizzes  to support  sustainment training for medical military occupational skills 68CMF)
SOAP Notes Listing of web links, to sites with SOAP note related subjects
Support Links Listing of internal support links
Lectures and Presentations Listing of online medically related lectures and presentations
Medical Web Links Listing of online medically related resource links
Distance Education Links Free and open resources designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials
Learning Objects

Structured, standalone resource that encapsulates high quality information in a manner that facilitates learning and pedagogy.